the unstructuring and redevelopment of the east frisian waterways
in connexion with the appearance of water bugs
grenzlinien, custom house leer, 2006

installation with 6 presentation board
collages from foils, maps, drawing, copies from scientific papers

these large-scale maps do not describe particular places however they remind us of some. their specific purpose, direction and limits appear to be lost. nevertheless they describe the constant need of human beings to process, employ and copy nature. these maps wind around the mentioned coastal region of east frisia throughits innumerable water routes, the many dollards as well as the eastern frisian islands inclusions entrnched within the inland waters, thereby portraying a critical perspective of the artificially assembled water- land borders. these maps are populated with brief descriptions around water bugs. they suddenly appear to be contaminated by foreign bodies,no longer associated with the landscape and probably are extinct.
water bugs water bugs water bugs water bugs
water bugs water bugs water bugs water bugs